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Tiger Woods' Genesis GV80 SUV Crash After Genesis Invitational At Riviera Country Club

 Beijing London Chicago Association  (Chicago, IL): American golfer, Tiger Woods, not long ago, emphasized a fact that may surprise some. Tiger has never competed in the Olympics. Mr. Woods stated he is unlikely to have many more opportunities to do so, going forward. Whether or not such sentiment is irrefutable evidence that Tiger laments never having been an Olympian, despite his impressive list of professional golf accomplishments, is, probably, something for which further clarification will need to come, directly, from him.

Since he became a professional golfer, Tiger Woods has, reportedly, earned in the vicinity of $1.5 billion dollars; for an individual American athlete, that is a lot of money. Perhaps, surprisingly, that billion dollar figure does not include earnings won as a direct result of golf competition. When Tiger's winnings on the golf course are added, the figure gets closer to $1.7 billion. Remember, Tiger Woods has, to date, won more money playing PGA Tour golf than anyone else.

Undoubtedly, few Americans, particularly, African Americans, find reason to view Mr. Woods' accomplishments and triumphs, in the sport of golf, as lacking. Indeed, NBA great Michael Jordan, back in 2017, reportedly, credited Tiger Woods with evolving golf "to where it crossed a lot of different boundaries ... where it's not just a white guy's sport." Coming from Michael Jordan, a guy who is the highest paid athlete of all time, with career earnings of $1.85 billion, from all sources, including the most valuable endorsements, that is high praise.

With a sentiment, seemingly, on a par with NBA great Michael Jordan's, the legendary Jack Nicklaus found occasion to chime in, as well. "What's the saying? A rising tide raises all boats? He certainly is a rising tide, and he's certainly going to raise the level of the game. That's important to all the guys out there. They all want to see Tiger play well. Sure, they want to beat him, but that's what it's all about is the competition and beating someone at their best." That is, again, high praise from Mr. Jack Nicklaus, one of the great American golfers of all time.

Tiger Woods was transported, reportedly, in serious condition, to a Los Angeles area hospital, on February 23, 2021. According to reports, Mr. Woods was involved in a crash while driving the Genesis GV80 SUV which had been loaned to him. Mr. Woods had been hosting the Genesis Invitational, at Riviera Country Club, in Pacific Palisades, California. At the time of the crash Mr. Woods, reportedly, was en route to the Rolling Hills Country Club, after having began the short trip from his accommodations at Rancho Palos Verdes' Terranea Resort.

According to reports, the SUV was moving north on Hawthorne Boulevard, near Blackhorse Road, at the time of the early morning crash. First responders, as well as longtime residents, living in close proximity to the crash site, have pointed to speed as a potential factor in the, apparently, disproportionately, high number of accidents that have occurred in the same downward sloped area where Mr. Woods' Genesis SUV crash unfolded.

  • There is, reportedly, an emergency lane, near Woods' crash site, where drivers unable to maintain control can attempt to direct their vehicle off the roadway.
  • One resident stated, "cars fly by you here", and "trucks come down the hill and lose their brakes". Trucks losing their brakes immediately brings to mind "runaway truck lanes".
  • Another resident pointed to a constant fear of "people wanting to ... [drive] ... fast, in the problematic area, where there are "accidents all the time", on the "dangerous stretch of road".
Mr. Woods, reportedly, was the sole occupant of the Hyundai made, Genesis GV80 SUV. The GV80 is equipped with an eight-speed, automatic, transmission and, depending on specifications, at minimum, a 300 horsepower, turbocharged, motor. The GV80 being driven by Mr. Woods, apparently, rolled over, multiple times, as the crash unfolded, before coming to rest. As one might expect, considering the apparent severity of the crash, Mr. Woods, reportedly, sustained significant injuries and, according to a statement attributed to the celebrated golfer's agent, Mark Steinberg, Mr. Woods underwent surgery, as a result.

Thus far, it appears no evidence which might suggest Mr. Woods attempted to brake the vehicle, such as skid marks, has been found. Considering reports of the vehicle crossing the median, possibly, at a very high rate of speed, the absence of skid marks, as evidence of attempts to brake the vehicle, or, perhaps, regain control of it, might not be so unusual. One could hypothesize that, virtually, as soon as it entered the median, control of the vehicle was lost, as the vehicle, possibly, may have gone airborne before entering into a tumble (roll). If the speed of the vehicle were sufficiently high, it sounds reasonable that the critical "juncture" of the crash occurred before the driver could react. Hypothetically, that critical "juncture" could have been as soon as the vehicle crossed the first boundary of the median, on one side of the road and, possibly, went airborne, before launching into multiple rolls; even if its brakes are applied, it is not reasonable to expect application of brakes to have the desired affect on a vehicle that is airborne, or tumbling (rolling) over.

Mr. Woods, at the time of this unfortunate vehicular crash, which is not the first vehicular crash in which he has been involved that has made news headlines, is said to still be in the recovery phase following back surgery; the recovery phase following his fifth back surgery. Of course, given his celebrity it is unlikely that news of Tiger Woods' involvement in a vehicular crash, on public roads, would ever manage to escape the news headlines.

After Tiger Woods had just won his first major, since 2008, NBA great Michael Jordan had a lot to say about Tiger. Mr. Jordan said, "I never thought he'd get back physically ... but he did it. No one expected him to be back the way he is now. He's probably the only person who believed he could get back. To me, that's a major accomplishment. To me, it's unbelievable. Mentally, you always think you can. But you can't answer to what your body has to deal with. ... To me, it was the greatest comeback I've seen." Let's hope Mr. Jordan gets a reason to express that exact same sentiment with regard to Tiger Woods' current condition, prospects, and so on.

At the time of this writing, who can really say to what extent Mr. Woods' injuries may, or may not, threaten his career, or, more importantly, his life ... Considering the nature of the injuries his 45 year old body has, according to reports, sustained, just from this accident, however, it is difficult not to imagine this event as an enormous setback in Tiger Woods' recovery from back surgery and, possibly, an insurmountable obstacle in his, thus far, well over 2 decade, storied, career as a pro golfer.

I would, certainly, not be surprised to see Tiger retire from professional golf competition. Perhaps, not retire, immediately, but retire far sooner than he would have in the absence of this, particular, vehicular crash, all the same. After all, we would do well to remember that the $1.5 billion dollar lion's share of Tiger's nearly $1.7 billion career total is not prize money from golf competitions. It is much the same with Tiger's friend, Michael Jordan, who, nearly twenty years after his own retirement from playing in the NBA, reportedly, is still paid in the neighborhood of $140 million dollars a year in endorsement money; nice work, if you can get it.

It should also be remembered that Tiger's friend, Michael Jordan, retired, not once, but 3 times, from the NBA. The possibility must also be considered that Mr. Wood's unfortunate vehicular crash might precipitate his first, of more than one, retirement. However, speaking for myself, I think Tiger is more likely to retire, once; I think he is more likely to, either, retire, or not say he is retiring, at all. That is to say, I think Tiger Woods is more likely to simply keep us guessing as to whether he has actually retired, or not.

Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are two very different people, after all, regardless of what may be similarly record setting, laudable, achievements in professional sports. My own feeling is the motivations and impetuses, or even similar ones, that spurred Michael Jordan to come out of retirement, and return as a professional sports competitor, are absent in Tiger Woods. Despite Mr. Woods' remarks about the possibility of his participation in an Olympic Games, I don't see him as a person who feels he has anything further to prove as a professional golfer, whether it be competing in an Olympic Games or returning to professional golf, as a competitor, after having retired. Ultimately, if Tiger Woods were to retire, I don't think he would return to competition, unless he needed the money, and I hope that is never the case; the need for money, if it occurs, seems to bring them all out of retirement.

note: I don't believe Michael Jordan returned from NBA retirement, because of any need for money. Something to prove, want for more money, and need for money, are different things.

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